We are a family of four who are trying to live the life we dream of. We're not there yet, but we're (hopefully) on the road ;-)

We live in a flat in a small community in Sweden, close to the lake and next to the woods. We have an allotment where we try to grow vegetables and flowers (but we're still beginners).

We are: mamma Maria - self-employed (from the beginning an archivist)
pappa Magnus - a publishing editor
Nora - our 5 years old daughter, full of imagination and play :)
Baby - to be born in March 2013

I want to live a more slow and simple life.
I want to craft and create.
I want to spend more time with my family than average families here in Sweden do.
I want to work with the things I love to do.
I want to be out in the nature.

Most of it I already do.

This is my blog about our daily life and very much about what Nora and I craft & create.
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