Friday, 11 March 2011

I want spring.


I'm so fed up with this. Not the weather, but that we've been ill for five weeks now. First the flu, then a cold. That's why I'm not blogging, I'm focusing my energy on family + home + work a bit. And coughing. I do that a lot.

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Yarn along and my socks


I finally found my sock knitting. It had fallen down behind a pile of magazines in my bookshelf. I couldn't find my printed instructions, but luckily I remembered where I found them on the internet three years ago, so I could go get them a second time. I'm pretty sure I'll not finish them now either, as I have some big plans with other knittings, but at least I was happy to find it :-)

More yarn along over at Ginny's.

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Going out

The last few days have been a little bit warmer, just a few degrees below freezing point. Today we decided to spend more time outside, Nora and I, and I'm sure Zam agreed. It could have been a cozy, relaxing walk, but unfortunately it wasn't.


I soon realised Nora hadn't recovered 100% yet, she was still coughing a bit and more tired than usual. She wanted to go there so much, but once we were there she was too tired, and there was a lot of whining. Zam, on the other hand, was so happy, and very frustrated with Nora's slow slow walking. And I was somewhere in between, suggesting Nora should sit on the sledge, but she didn't want to. She wanted me to carry her, and when I said no (I was carrying a bag, holding Zam and the sledge) she prefered walking herself.


We had a little break, and it was nice. Nora and I had some biscuits and Zam was chewing on a stick he found. The birds were singing, you know that song you hear when it's still winter, but the days are longer and brighter. Then a small stick got stuck in Zam's throat. As you can imagine, he panicked. I must say I was quite afraid there for a while - we were out in the middle of nowhere and what would I do if he couldn't get rid of it himself? Finally he did manage to cough and throw it up (together with some food and blood). He was crazy for a while after that, shaking. Nora and I sat down to pat him, then we walked back to our car and went home. Zam didn't eat at all until late evening, perhaps it hurt a bit. His fine now (sleeping under our bed, which is his favourite spot during the night).
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