Thursday, 24 February 2011

and we're back

IMG_3549I took a break and the break became longer and longer. We catched the flu. And a cold. Today I finally felt fine again, so I begun cleaning our house. It was much needed (and I still have places to tidy up and clean tomorrow, believe me). Nora is still coughing, but otherwise she's fine. I just wanted to explain my silence.

Tomorrow Nora and I will bake. Saturday is Magnus birthday and he wants a Schwarzwald cake. Outside it's still very, very cold and a lot of snow, but they say next week it'll be better. I hope it will. We've had snow every single day since mid November. I need Spring.

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

She whispers

It's actually one hour past midnight and I have been working like crazy since Nora fell asleep. I feel like I could work all night long - and I have so much to do! - but that wouldn't make me a good mama tomorrow ... ;-)


And I have painted. You can see it here, on Etsy.

Now I really need some sleep.

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Yarn along again :-)

I'm quiet as it's my migraine week and I avoid comupter time as looking at the computer screen too much triggers my head ache. But I am knitting, on several things actually. And reading books for Nora.


My mittens. Growing slowly. And a book from 1973 about a boat trip.

More knit along over at Ginny's.

Thursday, 3 February 2011

One small change: laundry

I've joined One Small Change in making an eco friendly change each month. Over the last years we've already made many changes, I'm reading and learning - and changing - so much, still there is so very much more to learn and to do.


This month, February, I will focus on laundry and mainly the tumbler-dryer. In summer we hang our laundry outside, but in February we hang it inside and sometimes we use the tumbler-dryer. We use it when there is a lot of small things (underwear, socks etc) + towels (because we are lazy!) and we use it for bed sheets, mainly to get rid of dog fur (as we don't want to use softener). So, for february: I will hang also all small things to dry even if it takes time ;-) and I will only tumble-dry our sheets for five-ten minutes (as I think that's enough to get rid of the fur) and then hang the sheets to dry. I've also made eight wool dryer balls (and scented two of them with peppermint oil for a fresh smell) to use in the dryer. That will be my change for February!


It was just after lunch. We had pasta + something I can't remember, and the pasta box was empty. "Let's make a mailbox" I said, and she was very enthusiastic.


We choose a wrapping paper and glued it to the box, then used tape (a strong one) to put it on the door to her room. While she looked at something else I put a postcard and an envelope (with a little note inside) in the box. Then we played posting and picking up post for a while ;-)

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

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