Saturday, 9 January 2010

Babywearing, five minutes

Good morning :-) I hope you had a nice weekend. I had (at least Sunday; Saturday I was a bit too stressed).

When Nora was a baby and until she learnt not only how to walk, but how to run, I used to carry her. Tummy to tummy when she was little, later on my back. Nowadays she walks herself a lot and if I carry her it's in my arms and for short moments when she needs a little break.


The other day I finished a baby carrier and when Magnus took some photos of me with the carrier (carrying a doll) she suddenly wanted me to carry her. I didn't let her sit in the new carrier, but instead suggested an old mei tai I made long ago (well, maybe not "long", but a year or more). She agreed and I carried her like this for five minutes. It was very cosy :-) I snapped this photo in the mirror. Earlier the same day she played with her face crayons and continued onto the mirror.

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