Friday, 11 March 2011

I want spring.


I'm so fed up with this. Not the weather, but that we've been ill for five weeks now. First the flu, then a cold. That's why I'm not blogging, I'm focusing my energy on family + home + work a bit. And coughing. I do that a lot.


  1. That sounds miserable ... thinking of you and hope there's some warmth and sun and good health soon for you all. :)

  2. Thinking of you. I thought we wouldn't get anything after being well for so many weeks, but yesterday two of our daughters came down with the flu.:( It's just a matter of time before the rest start coming down with it. Spring couldn't come any sooner! Hope you feel better.

  3. get better!!!
    here in the Yukon we have been sick and COLD. -35 today.....when oh when will it end?

  4. Och jag tittar ut genom mitt fönster och ser att världen på mindre än en halvtimma förvandlats från ren, frisk och vårlik till vit, igensnöad vintervärld. Jag tror att jag drar ner rullgardinen och slänger på en film med sommartema!


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