Tuesday, 21 December 2010

god jul

When everyone else seem to slow down, say "happy holidays" and take some time off the computer, I do the opposite. I've been working hard lately to get everything ready for Christmas (in my shop), but now internet shopping is slowing down for a little while and it gives me time to focus on Christmas in my home and with my family. And to blog, tonight.


Oh, well, actually I should be working, I have plenty to do, but I'm tired tonight. Nora and I went to my mom (35 minutes drive from here) this evening. We took the old road instead of the highway, I love the old one, the rural landscape and the woods. I love to drive the same way again and again, in all seasons. Today, the darkest day of the year, it really was dark. When we went there in the afternoon it was like night and the moon was so big. Nora noted it looked like an apple in shape (last time we saw it she said "banana"). So much snow, and with moonlight on. And cold, - 18 degrees (Celsius; -0.4 Fahrenheit). This December we've had so much snow, every single day snow!, and so cold. It's very, very uncommon.

Christmas in our kitchen:

We've crafted some gifts, Nora has wrapped + decorated:

And tomorrow it's time for cleaning the house and making candy. So I'd better go to sleep now. Thank you for all your nice comments, I read and appreciate them, but haven't had the time to answer them yet. I will do it. But now, I wish you a merry Christmas. GOD JUL as we say in Sweden.


  1. Your home looks so lovely! The weather is just like it is here, very cold. Hope you had a lovely Christmas!

  2. Thank you. And yes, we had a calm and lovely Christmas, very cold but also beautiful :-)


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