Thursday, 3 February 2011

One small change: laundry

I've joined One Small Change in making an eco friendly change each month. Over the last years we've already made many changes, I'm reading and learning - and changing - so much, still there is so very much more to learn and to do.


This month, February, I will focus on laundry and mainly the tumbler-dryer. In summer we hang our laundry outside, but in February we hang it inside and sometimes we use the tumbler-dryer. We use it when there is a lot of small things (underwear, socks etc) + towels (because we are lazy!) and we use it for bed sheets, mainly to get rid of dog fur (as we don't want to use softener). So, for february: I will hang also all small things to dry even if it takes time ;-) and I will only tumble-dry our sheets for five-ten minutes (as I think that's enough to get rid of the fur) and then hang the sheets to dry. I've also made eight wool dryer balls (and scented two of them with peppermint oil for a fresh smell) to use in the dryer. That will be my change for February!


  1. I wish I could do that's too humid inside!
    Our change this month is to unplug the microwave. I feel better already!

  2. great change! Our change is about laundry as well. Using soapnuts and coming entirely away from laundry "detergent" is ours. I look forward to reading how it came out for you . I wish I could hang our clothes up in the winter, that would be great. I long for the days of summer and hot clothes off the line.
    Great blog btw!

  3. Great idea to do something each month ... We are lucky enough to have an old-fashioned clothes line indoors on our landing and all our clothes get dried there. Off to find out about those wool-dryer balls!

  4. You are very patient for hanging it inside, I don't think I could do it!
    Sadly we don't even have a clothes line in our backyard. I would love to dry some stuff outside in the warmer months although we don't live in the best neighbourhood and I would worry about things getting taken. I suppose we could play outside while the laundry dries. :)


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