Thursday, 24 February 2011

and we're back

IMG_3549I took a break and the break became longer and longer. We catched the flu. And a cold. Today I finally felt fine again, so I begun cleaning our house. It was much needed (and I still have places to tidy up and clean tomorrow, believe me). Nora is still coughing, but otherwise she's fine. I just wanted to explain my silence.

Tomorrow Nora and I will bake. Saturday is Magnus birthday and he wants a Schwarzwald cake. Outside it's still very, very cold and a lot of snow, but they say next week it'll be better. I hope it will. We've had snow every single day since mid November. I need Spring.


  1. Sorry you have all been unwell, and hope you are recovered now. Happy birthday to Magnus for Saturday! Don't know how you cope with all the snow ...

  2. Thank you :-) It was a rather calm birthday - Magnus caught Nora's cold and they were coughing and sneezing together all day, but we did have a cake to eat.
    I don't know how we cope with the snow either, I guess there's not much of a choice ;-) Last winter was like this winter too, lots and lots of snow month after month. But the winter I was pregnant with Nora (07/08) was the warmest for over 100 years with almost no snow at all, and when I'm tired of all this snow I use to think that it's at least better than the darkness and the rain that comes with a warmer winter.

  3. Hello! I saw your post in Ginny's Yarn Along. We are cold, too, here in Minnesota...lots of snow still and cold winds! I need Spring, too. Only a few more days.:) Glad to meet you or at least find your blog. Beautiful knitting & sewing.:)


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