Saturday, 9 April 2011

Spring in our garden

I'm back, and so is spring. There's a little bit snow left at a few places, but now we can find spring flowers and the birds are singing. We play and work in our garden. I want to show you Nora's little sandbox which we made last year. It's rather small, but our garden is small too.


There was a storm here last night. A tree fell down behind our house (luckily outside our garden). Our garden was once again covered in autumn leaves that the strong wind carried back to us ;-) We're outside playing and working a lot now, preparing our garden for the growing season. I fight with it every year as the soil is too muddy, the garden in the shadow AND in north east, and my vegetables are invided by hungry snails of different kinds every year. But I don't give up ;-)

Nora is cooking. This is food for the birds. She was so happy to see they had eaten of it. I didn't tell her it was the storm ...



  1. It sounds like a struggle, but worth it? Up here where I live the conditions are difficult too, but somehow we don't give up either! I love your little sandpit - how wonderful to have one, however small.

  2. I hope it's worth it. I think it is. Sometimes I ask myself "why do I do this?", but the answer is that I find a pleasure in DOING it, more than waiting for the results of it.


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