Wednesday, 30 January 2013

A pair of socks

Not that I have finished last week's knitting, but it's grown a bit at least. Here's another knitting I have going on. It's socks for Nora (left over yarn from the socks in knitted to my mother in law for Christmas).


Tomorrow evening I will go to a sock knitting class! I have already knitted two and a half pair of socks so I'm not a total beginner, but it'll be nice to have an hour and a half every second week devoted exclusively to knitting. (When I knit at home it's just a few minutes here and there and I almost always tell stories to Nora while knitting.)

Yarn along with Ginny.


  1. That sounds good, a knitting class! Hope you will enjoy it!

  2. What a beautiful color! Love the deep purple.

  3. What fun to go to a class! you might make some new friends :) Love your yarn and how nice it was left overs.

  4. have fun in your class, happy sock knitting maria!

  5. I've never knit socks, but I want to. A class would be nice. I love the colors of your socks!

  6. Thank you for your comments :-)
    Knitting class was really nice and even if I was the only one who had knitted socks before, I still learned a couple of new things.


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