Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Knitting for baby

Yarn along with Ginny again.


I have several knittings going on.
And several books I'm reading.

I guess  I'm not the only knitter/reader doing like that ;-)

But this is what I was knitting reading yesterday before falling asleep. The knitting is for our baby and I'm knitting this one (Ravelry link), but in Drops Lima instead of merino yarn.

The book is about marketing.


  1. Ha!'re not the only knitter/reader like that. I think it's more rare to find someone only knitting or reading one thing!!

  2. I guess so :) But I have a friend who's crocheting and who is always doing one thing at a time, completing before beginning something new. I'm so impressed by that.

  3. hi maria, your knitting looks really pretty, love the shades of purple. i almost always finish one project before casting on another, i guess i'm afraid of losing momentum and i also love to wear (or give away) what i've made!

  4. yes, when knitting on many different things, the risk is high nothing will never get finished.


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