Thursday, 7 March 2013

Snow is melting and I am happy

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I said I was labile. Today I'm, strangely enough (because of a bad night and pain), in a good mood. Even happy. The sun is shining and even if it was a cold morning, now the sun is warming and snow is melting. Blue sky. I believe birds are singing, somewhere (I can't hear any from inside the house). I'm almost singing myself: It's a wonderful, wonderful day. I don't even understand why.

My craft room, the sunniest one in the flat, is a mess. The rest of the house too. And today I don't care.

Tonight I'll go to knitting class and begin my second sock in the red self striping yarn. I didn't go there last time, because of too much pain (and tiredness), but today I really feel like knitting and chatting :)

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