Monday, 4 March 2013

Bunny comfort and a cradle

When I was pregnant with Nora I bought a bunny for her. It was so soft och so nice to hold that I fell in love with it at the toy store.


Sometimes when I was feeling sad and alone (and I often were during that pregnancy, as I felt as "ill" that time as I do this time, but lived far from friends and family) I slept with that bunny in my arms. It comforted me.

Now it's one of Nora's favourites. She put it with it's kitty friend and some blankets in the cradle the other day.

I decided early that I'd buy a special softie for this baby too, during pregnancy. But since last time I've become much more aware of chemicals etc in toys and I couldn't make up my mind of what to give this little baby. I've been reading Alicia's blog for many, many years and now that she's been making the sweet Miss Maggie Rabbit kit I thought maybe I should buy it. A bunny for this baby too.

Friday was a bad day with a lot of pain and in the evening I was in a terrible mood. I checked out her blog and saw that she had just added the bunnies to the shop and before I knew it I had ordered one. The next morning they were all sold out. Much to my surprise this bunny has also been a comfort for me, even if it's not here yet. It's something to hold on to, and tonight, when I was awake (the pain wakes me up every 20 minutes), I thought of how I will sew the rabbit for my little baby. It was comforting. It almost made me smile :)


The cradle was built by my grandpa before I was born. Both me and my sister slept in it. Nora did not, she was that kind of baby who didn't want to leave her parents arms ;) She kind of still is, as she sleeps in our bed. This new little baby will also sleep with us during night so we put the cradle in the kitchen. I hope he/she will take daily naps there so that Nora and I can cook, create, eat etc all by ourselves for a little while every day. I think this baby might easier accept the cradle at daytime, as it can hear us being there all the time. Nora is never quiet ;-) But, we'll see. We don't know this baby yet.

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