Monday, 22 April 2013

Baby clothes + fabric paint = cute gift

This makes a cute and customizable gift for a baby.


You need:
Plastic sheet or plastic pocket (or use freezer paper if you prefer)
Fabric paint
Scissors or knife
Sponge and/or paint brush
Baby clothes (begin with washing them)

body4 body3 body2

Draw a picture (or find one on the internet + print it) and tranfer it to the plastic sheet with a pen. Cut it out with your scissors (I often use sharp nail scissors or embroidery scissors) and tape it to the fabric. I recommend putting an old newspaper (or similar) inside, to prevent the fabric paint from "bleeding" through.

Use a sponge and/or paint brush to apply the paint. After a little while you can remove the stencil (and if you want to you can rinse it under warm water to remove the paint and then use it again with other colors). Let it dry for a day (or according to the manufacturers instructions) and then iron it.

Ready to use, or give away :)

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