Thursday, 7 October 2010

Corners of our home: Entrance

I decided to show you some corners of our home. Not styled in any way, just like they are at the moment. This is the first you see when entering our house:


The key cabinet (which is decorated with a picture made in wool!) is perhaps placed a bit strange, but when putting it there we had other furniture and things instead of the blue bureau we've got not. I painted that bureau when I was a teenager, actually. It's starting to loose some paint, but I still like it. The top drawer is the one with junk + dog stuff ;) The red box on top of the bureau is full of dog treats. And, by the way, the bureau is normally not this clean on top, it's just this week as I'm trying to figure out what to have there (and I think I know now, but will show you once I'm finished). The glass vase is from Småland, the part of Sweden I come from. That part of Småland is also called "kingdom of chrystal" because of all glassworks there. Magnus had the white shoes when he was little. The blue car with Nora's hat and coat is from my mom. Nora choose it - she loves cars.

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