Friday, 8 October 2010

Corners of our home: Nora's room

This is what it looks like in the middle of playing, and in the middle of Magnus' folding clean laundry. So many things are still half finished, but as with the rest of the house we let it grow slowly into becoming "our" house.

Picnik collage

It's a mix of old (flea market finds or our own old things) and Ikea. Over the bed I have put to illustrations from an Elsa Beskow book.

Picnik collage

And I've painted several small illustrations on the walls. They're not mine, but instead from talented Cindy at Scherenschnitte. They are intended for paper cutting, but I transferred them to the wall and painted them black instead.

Picnik collage

I have many plans for her room, but one step at a time ... :)

What does your childrens room look like? (Always as tidy as in the interior design blogs?! Not here, we live and play and make a mess *smile* )

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