Thursday, 28 October 2010

Thoughts on November


It's early Thursday morning, Nora is still asleep and I sit next to her. The room is completely dark, but I see it slowly getting lighter outside. Soon it's November, which I think is the darkest month of the year. I know December is actually the darkest one, but then we've got all Christmas lights and decorations. In November it's just ... dark. No golden leaves on the trees anymore, most likely no bright snow on the ground yet. Still I like November. Its a month of indoor activity, a month of preparing for Christmas, a month of longing that now, when I'm a grown up, passes by so fast but, when I was little, seemed to last forever.

In November I plan to:
Go to the "sewing fair". There are many more craft things than those connected to sewing, like some paper crafts, yarn etc.
Make Christmas things for my shop. I'm planning on some felt decoration kits, amigurumi patterns and hearts with cloves. I hope I have the time.
Go visit my dad & co who live on an island 5-6 hours drive south of here (together with Nora).

What are you up to?

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