Monday, 11 October 2010

Corners of our home: Kitchen

Hej. How was your weekend?

I will begin this week with showing you a corner of our kitchen.


As it is, an ordinary day, in the middle of a little crafting and tea drinking. I found the red curtain at a flea market a week ago and I really like it, it adds warmth to the room yet let the light in. Out kitchen used to be pink-light purple-apricot until we painted it in July. We didn't have the same taste as the previous owners ... You can see it here.

The cupboard/sideboard is from the 1940s and my grandpa's parents let build it for their home. The kitchen table is not that old, however I grew up with it so it's not new either. I like furniture with history.


  1. That little red curtain is absolutely fabulous. I love your window filled with plants too.
    Also, love that you are showing REAL pictures of your home, not perfect ones :)

  2. Thank you. Most of the plants come from the same plant from the beginning (or "the mother ship" as I sometimes call her). I got it from a friend who wanted to throw it away as it looked so sad, but with just some light and water it was green and healthy again and, as you can see, have produced many "babies" :-)


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