Thursday, 11 November 2010

A warm/cold cat ;-)

I made this little wheat warmer cat for a friend's child. It's the size of my palm so it's rather small, but I imagine the wheat makes it nice for a child to hold the cat, to throw it in the air and then catch it again. It can be heated in a microwave oven or chilled in the freezer.


I've been addicted to wheat warmers lately. I made this one, below, for my husband, but end up using it myself every day (he uses it too).



  1. Wow! Your creativity is kind of amazing at this point. :) I think toys like this are best, especially with our littles ones who like to throw toys.

  2. I love these. At my house we call them "warmies", named by The Little Bug. Even in warm California, it's cold enough to heat up the warmies now. Great to warm up the bed, put on my lap when I'm cold and blanketed. Yours are SO pretty. :)


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