Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Wig crocheting, sweets and too much chocolate

It's a busy mamma, it's a busy week. Today I have changed into winter tires on our car (well, I didn't do it myself, actually), so now winter can arrive any day (but please wait until the end of next week at least). I have worked a lot too, mostly with wet felting on the bathroom floor with Nora on my back, pretending I'm a horse and feeding me with imaginary hay (I'm very glad it's not real hay). Felting with a child on ones back, that's what I call heavy work.

No knitting today, but a little bit of crocheting:


I'm crocheting a wig for a doll. It's kind of boring so I make it more fun with a nice book. This one is full of sweets ... I bought it for my grandma and will give it to her later this week as Nora and I are going south on Thursday to visit some family members :)


Mmmm, polkagrisar, I love them. Peppermint. Mmm.

Unfortunately there's too much chocolate in this book. I don't like chocolate. I love chocolate. I might need a copy of this book for myself.


More yarn along on small things.


  1. Oh dear, I don't even think I could have a book like that in my would just have be hungry for sweets all. the. time. Looks so good...and I've only seen the 2 pages you've shown! =)

  2. That book could seriously be damaging to the circumferance of my hips! I'd love to see a picture of the doll once your done!

  3. Not boring at all! I've been slowing teaching myself how to make a waldorf doll for my daughters birthday - I'm working on a wig too :)

  4. That slate blue yarn is fantastic and your crochet is dreamy!

  5. Ah yes, I love the slate blue as well ~ it's one of my favorite colors! I'll bet it's soft too. Very nice indeed.

  6. The color of this yarn is so rich. (As is all of that chocolate, I'm sure!) So nice meeting you.

  7. I need to learn to either knit or crochet doll wigs soon as I am hoping to maybe make my girls dolls for Christmas. Looks like a dangerous book you've got there!

  8. I'd love to see how that wig turns out!
    I love candycane, peppermint is such a great flavour. Last Christmas I made 'peppermint bark', you melt white chocolate, spread on a baking tray and sprinkle it with crushed candy canes then let it set in the refrigerator. SO good!

  9. Thank you for all your sweet comments. I've read them, but I've been to busy to sit down and answer them :/

    Amy - peppermint bark sound soooo good, I have to try that. The wig is now on a doll that Nora got for Christmas, I have to remember to take a picture :-)


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