Monday, 8 November 2010

Where I sit, where I sew

I want to show you this stool (is that the correct word in English?) that we bought a few months back. It's a simple wooden one from Ikea, but I have painted it in Nora's and Magnus' favourite color. (It's a bit dirty on the photo though.) I've decorated it with an elephant as Nora really likes elephants (at the moment she's all about Babar the elephant. I mean except for tigers. And Christmas.)


I like this stool, it's steady and very useful. At the moment it's my "chair" in my new sewing corner. I've moved out of our bedroom to the small space next to the stairs. I think it's a really good place, except that I can't fit my more comfortable chair between the stairs and the table and have to use the purple stool. It works, but I can imagine many better chairs ... :)



  1. i love the little elephant... we have had this stool before from ikea but never did i make it look so sweet.

  2. thank you :) the elephant is from a paper napkin, i used decoupage technique.


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