Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Yarn along in a snowy Sweden

Winter, snow, wind - it's a good company to knitting. If staying inside, that is. All Tuesday it was blowing, a lot, and snowing. Nora and Zam both love snow so poor mamma had to stay outside in that cold wind and make snow balls for both of them ;-) This is what it looked like at 3 pm. It was not as cozy as you might think.


I did cast on a new knitting, though. This one is just for me (which means I will probably finish it in 2012 or so). It's Noro, Kureyon, and it will become a leg-warmer. Two years ago I got a ball of yarn and knitted a leg-warmer. When I went to the yarn store to get more of that yarn, they were out of that color. Forever, I realised after coming back every now and then for a couple of months (and asking, of course). Spring came, and I gave up.


But having one leg-warmer is so pointless. Besides, it was getting cold outside and I started to long for two. I went back to the yarn store and asked them to pick out a ball of yarn that'd go with my one leg-warmer. Now I'm knitting the other one. To be used in 2013, maybe. And I'll probably look like a Noro version of Pippi Longstocking.

The book? I bought it last winter but haven't read it yet (and no, I'm not pregnant). It's three years ago I was pregnant and I think it's only now the book is somewhat easy for me to read. I picked it up again this morning and started reading.

Yarn along - read more over at Ginny's.



  1. SNOW! We are just never going to get any here in Texas =( I love that colorful yarn!

  2. Noro is such a lovely yarn, your leggings will surely be cute (and most important, warm).You could unravel the first legging and using half a ball of each to have a matching pair. But I love the idea of 'Pippi' style, charming!

    Wow! snow!

  3. I love Noro! Your legwarmers will be beautiful!

  4. I like the legwarmers and I can't help but love the snow photos! We will miss it now that we live so much further South!

  5. I want to knit some leg warmers. REally..I want to knit one of everything I see on thise sweet yarn along.

  6. Oh snow! My children are anxiously waiting for snow. So far we have only had flurries and that is just fine with me. I love Noro! And leg warmers would be wonderful out of it. I think after I finish my holiday knitting that a pair of leg warmers for myself may be in order. Hopefully you will get to wear yours before 2013.

    Blessings, Elizabeth

  7. I was just thinking how glad I am that we are just getting rain right now and not snow....but it will come....and we will have it for many months!
    I was surprised how dark it was for being 3 p.m.
    Enjoy your evening of knitting....I think I may do the same thing. :)

  8. Thank you for your sweet comments :)

    Lori ann, great idea! I thought of it for a while, but decided to go on with the "Pippi style" or else I wont finish it until 2014 ;)

    Sheila> yes it is. That's worst part of this time of the year, especially when there is not snow because snow brightens it ut a bit.

  9. The snow is so lovely and the leg warmers are wonderful!

  10. i love noro! i want to make some leg warmers one day too..

  11. Oh, the weather looks so cold, but those colors are wonderfully warm!

  12. oh, this made me laugh! I'm sure your legwarmers will be fabulous :-)


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