Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Working hard

It's really hectic here at the moment. I've been working hard lately and I plan to open my new, improved (and Swedish) shop this week. I hope ... There are so many many small and big things to do, so much to think about, texts to write and photos to be taken, but also all those little details that you hardly notice when it works, and when being a buyer, but as a seller I have to think of all details. It's fun, but nonetheless hectic.


This doll arrived from Germany last week. Her name is Mandy, as my business name is Milly & Molly I thought Mandy might be a suitable name for her. She's heavy and the size of a 4-6 months old baby (not really remembering when Nora was that size, maybe even older?). I will use her to try my baby carriers (wraps, soft buckle carriers, mei tais etc) and also to show customers how to use them. I really like her, she feels almost like a real baby.

Did you have a nice weekend? Do you have Halloween where you live? We've only had it for the last 15 years or so, growing bigger each year. When I was little there was absolutely no trick or treat here ;-) But this year several kids have visited us, and of course I have given them treats ;-) although a bit in a hurry as I know Zam, our dog, woulde be scared if he saw them. He scares very easily.


  1. ADORABLE!!! Luv your blog!
    cupcake (Canada)


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