Wednesday, 17 November 2010

What a Wednesday can be like

Despite that it was white frost on the trees and grass, it's been a rather dark day, lights on inside and a lot of clothes on outside. In the morning we went to the dentist and Nora got a balloon and a toothbrush and toothpaste (but she refused to show her teeth ;) ), after that we went to buy some fabric (the store is just next door to the dentist's) and then we passed by "open kindergarten" because Nora wanted to show Maud (who works there and whom she really likes) her all the things she got at the dentist's. Busy morning! Now it's already afternoon and I have to work. Nora is watching Babar the elephant with dad and I will dive in to the felt blanket that I'm making. Dive in to, literaly, as I wet felt it.

Picnik collage

Yarn made of banana fiber + recycled silk. I'm so looking forward to using it! And a felt flower I made.


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