Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Finding spring

Yesterday it felt like spring. We've still got snow, but for the first time for one and a half month it was just above freezing point, it was sunny and very windy. Nora, Zam and I went for a long walk. Zam sniffing on the spots of yellow snow ... and Nora and I talking about pigs. She loves stories about pigs at the moment.



Our main project this week is to throw Christmas out and to re-organize our home. Magnus went back to work yesterday, but he's been at home since the week before Christmas so during that time I've worked a lot and not cared about our home at all (except for Christmas decorating). Now I want to bring some spring, or at least winter without Christmas decoration, to our home. Nora and I changed the curtains in her room, and she played with the Christmas curtains for a while, pretending they were blankets. We made a little decoration for her window and then we planted seeds and vegetables to have in one of her windows. We only planted things we could find in our kitchen - we'll see whether it grows :-)



Zam thought we were boring.


  1. That is really sweet that you aren't afraid to try something a little new for your little girl. I would be interested to read of what does or does not grow. :)

  2. I'll show you as soon as we'll see some results :) Today I saw the beans and lenses had begun to grow, that was rather quick.


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