Wednesday, 26 January 2011

share some happiness

I use to think of (and sometimes blog about) things that make me happy, or things I'm grateful for. Everyday, ordinary things. The small joys. It really is a good habit and it helps me focus on what is important in life. But how do I involve my family in it, I thought today as we had dinner.


I recently read one family where they, at dinner, asked each one of the family members what was the best thing that day. Besides the more obvious positive effects, it also gave them a chance to learn what each one of them valued the most. Everyone, each day, was listened to. As good as it sounds, it doesn't really work in our family. I did ask Nora, though, but she answered what she wanted to do, rather than what we actually did ;) And I did ask Magnus, but he was too tired to think of anything but sleep.

How can I inspire my family? Can I inspire my family? I thought of this, and when I read Ginny's blog post today I got an idea. Maybe I can take a piece of paper and put on the fridge, and every day write down a few words on what made me happy or what I enjoyed that day? It'll help me focus, but it's also there for everyone to read (and be reminded or inspired). Will it work? It's worth a try, isn't it?


And I found a great (and free!) online class on how to use twitter. (If you want to follow me on twitter, you can find me here.)


  1. Hello! Just found your lovely blog because you linked to me on Twitter, and we're both following Julie's class on it. Thrilled to find so many lovely things and will be back often!

  2. Thank you for spreading the word about my class! It's much appreciated.

    Julie :-)

  3. Hello alexa, and thanks for visiting! Welcome back :-)

    Julie, you're welcome :-)


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