Sunday, 23 January 2011

I saw the sign ---

You know how one thing can lead to another and you sometimes end up doing something else than you had planned to? The other day when I went for a walk with Zam I brought my camera and without much thought I started snapping pictures of signs. It made me think of the Ace of Base, a Swedish pop band, popular in the early 90s. They have a song called The Sign. Thinking of them made me think of a boy I was in love with then.

Picnik collage

The lyrics of The Sign are crappy (to say the least). Or what do you say about this:
I saw the sign and it opened up my mind
and I am happy now
living without you
I've left you
I saw the sign and it opened up my eyes
I saw the sign
no one's gonna drag you up
to get into the light where you belong

Thinking of them made me think of him as we both liked Ace of Base at that time. I was a quite shy 12 year old and I think he never knew how I felt. Sometimes I thought maybe he liked me too, but then, probably he didn't. I guess I wasn't the kind of girl you notice. He was from USA and lived in Sweden for only a couple of years with his family, then he moved back when we were 13.

Picnik collage

A few years later he came back to visit. There was a girl in our class who stayed in touch with him (I think), I suppose she liked him too ;) and she was the one who told us he'd visit our school during a break that day. I think I never got around to talk to him, I probably felt awkward in some way. Besides, by then I was not in love with him anymore.

As I walked there with Zam and my camera I came to think of him and wondered what he's doing today. I searched on Google (isn't internet amazing?!) and his name popped up. As I know which state he came from, and as his name is uncommon, I actually only found one person - but several hits. I'm not sure it's him as I didn't see any photos so that I could recognize him (and maybe I wouldn't anyway, a 12 year old look quite different from a 30 year old). I was looking for an email address or some way to contact him, but couldn't find any. I did find a text written by someone who seemed to know him, and that guy did have an email adress. So I dropped a few lines ...

Do you think I'll get an answer? Do you think it's him?

Picnik collage

More crappy lyrics:
I got a new life
you would hardly recognize me
I'm so glad
how can a person like me care for you
why do I bother
when you're not the one for me

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