Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Yarn along + cake and tea and a good book

I'm a slow knitter, even when it comes to really simple knits. Not that I knit slowly, just that I'm that kind of person who get too many ideas and start too many knittings (and finish few). In November I cast on this knitting.


Cake and tea and knitting and a book. Can it be better?

(Well, there could be some chocolate too.)

The book is about Plupp, a little creature invisible to humans (except you and me, who can see him) and who can talk to animals. He lives far up in the north. We used to read those books when my sister and I were little. This one I hadn't read before (as far as I can recall). I bought it for Nora. It's about winter and we meet many animals in their winter white fur. This books is a new favourite.

Yarn along with Ginny.


  1. Love the pretty purple yarn you are knitting with :) Sounds like a lovely book for the winter that you are reading to :)

  2. Ah! I want the cake! That is a beautiful project!

  3. The yarn is gorgeous! I love your setup too, looks very cozy :)

  4. I couldn't think of a better place to be than in that picture! Love the yarn!

  5. The book looks lovely, and your knitting is too- the yarn is gorgeous!

  6. I, too think that yarn is gorgeous! I talked about a package from Norway in my yarn along today. My goodness, I love your blog. We have so many similar interests, I have to look around!

  7. Beautiful!!
    I love the pictures - so peaceful.
    Warm wishes,

  8. Hi!
    Just dropping by with the Yarn Along. It sure is fun meeting new people.
    I enjoyed the semi-warm days this week too. We lost a lot of our snow. In fact, I think I hear it dripping outside right now. Can it be?
    I hope you're able to find time to finish your knitting project.
    Cheers from Latvia!

  9. beautiful yarn and book, the illustrations are engaging!

  10. I 'm a slow knitter too :) - I just don't have time to knit at all now - because of school :P and all the exams...
    that purple is really pretty - purple is one of my favorite colors and I have so many purple clothes that I promised myself I won't buy anything purple for one year :P - but I guess knitting wouldn't count...hmmm ... :D

  11. Your purple yarn is just yummy! My middle girl would just love it. The book sounds charming. I wonder if there is an English version. I will have to look.

    Blessings, Elizabeth

  12. what a great photo! tea, cake, a candle, book and knitting - a perfect combo!

  13. Gorgeous yarn & scrumptious cake!

  14. Beautiful yarn! I love those colors.

  15. I love your pictures! That yarn is gorgeous!! I'm the same way...I only knit a little bit at a time, because I also love reading and baking in my "free" time.

  16. Thank you for all comments :-)
    As for the book, I can't find it in English on Amazon, but maybe it's available somewhere else.


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