Friday, 8 February 2013

Childroom: dream and reality

I got pregnant just after moving in here and because of my health everything still looks lika a mess. My husband is busy with all daily chores (like laundry, cleaning, doing the dishes etc) besides working full time, so he hasn't got any energy or time to make it more nice at home.

On Pinterest I look a children's rooms and get inspired. I just want to go to Nora's room and make it more tidy and inspiring (but my pain is stopping me). Look at these rooms:

I love the wall hanging with the animals.

From Niños... y no tan niños...
Doesn't this look very cozy?! I'd love to sit there and read myself.

And below ... our reality. After playing. Christmas curtains still up (at least there are no Santas on them).


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