Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Yarn along: wool and confident birth

This isn't what I'm actually reading. This is the book that I should be reading. I think the title in English is "Confident Birth". When Nora was born five years ago it was with a C-section, because she didn't think arriving with her head first was such a very good idea. So far, this baby seems to like the idea though. I hope it stays in this position until it's time to arrive :-)

The knitting. What to say about it. It's not so much yet. I made a pattern the other evening of a lady from a much loved child book and now I'm giving it a try knitting it in this yarn (100% wool from Swedish sheep). Maybe the wool is too thin. I'm not sure yet.

More knitting and reading over at Ginny's blog.


  1. Me too! My first was a c-section because he decided to come bottom first! I'm hoping my next one will behave! =) Can't wait to see what the knitting will be! Happy knitting!

  2. I'm telling my baby almost every day to stay in the right position. Not sure he/she listens, though ;-)

  3. Hi Maria, I so love the reality and honesty in all of your posts! Yes, there are so many rooms to redo, so many books we "should" be (and want to be!) reading, so much knitting to do...Congratulations on your pregnancy! I'll be following along to see how you are doing. Blessings, Lori

  4. Thank you so much for your comment, Lori! It made me so happy :)


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