Tuesday, 12 February 2013

smoothie, dolls and winter

The last two days it's been snowing. Our car looks like a snowman every morning when I come out. While writing this I chat with my sister. We talk about what we will do in July and look at photos on the Internet of the island Gotland where we will go with our families, my mom and her boyfriend.

But it's Februari now. We drink smoothies with berries, fruits and vegetables. Nora and I make dolls for her to play with.


Keep calm craft on :-)


  1. I always find that by February I am so anxious for Spring! Those berries look so yummy. Looks like you both had fun making the dolls.

  2. It was really yummy :-)
    Tonight we got even more snow - spring seems far far away :/

  3. Jag och min dotter käkar jämt smoothie. Såg recept på avocado o jordgubbs i någon tidning, men har inte testat.


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