Tuesday, 26 February 2013

winter holiday

pyssel mask teckning

It's Tuesday morning. Nora is on winter holidays all this week and outside it's just perfect weather for such a holiday: snow on the ground, frost on the trees, a little bit of sunshine. Had I not been 9 months pregnant I'd made us something hot to drink, some sandwiches and fruit to eat, and gone out in the nature. Maybe practiced a little ice skating with her too. But, because of pelvic girdle pain, I can only walk to the car and back and not so much more. Next winter, I tell myself. Next winter we'll do those things. This holiday we craft.

Yesterday we went to an "öppen förskola". It's a place where kids and parents can meet, like a kindergarten but still not at all. There's people working there, but the parents stay, and you can talk, play, eat, craft, maybe sing songs together or listen to a story. After coming home I was so tired. Nora was not. I finished a few knittings while she was creating. It was a nice afternoon.

Keep Calm Craft On.

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