Friday, 22 February 2013

we make and create too much ;-)

What do you do with all stuff you create?


Nora and I love to create little creatures, aliens, houses etc and she plays with them (at least for a while, until some new are created). She doesn't want to part with them. It's just that we've made so many things - and there are more to come. Sometimes, when something is broken and she hasn't used it for a while, I throw it away. However she use to remember the things we made and ask for them.

I love the process of creating. I love that she plays with it. But I don't love having hundreds of little creatures and their houses all over our flat.

I guess I'm not alone feeling that way. How do you handle it?


  1. Same with us! Everyday, some new art is created and for the kids it's hard to give it away. I try to hide the not-so-popular-ones in a box for a while, and if my kids haven't been asking for them for some time (a month or so...) I throw them away. Sometimes I ask them to decide for some drawings, crafts... to give away and they are ok with it. But most times they just want to keep all.of.them.
    Thanks for your sweet comment, I'll be coming back to your beautiful blog.

  2. thank you for your comment :)
    the idea with a box is great, i will try that!


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