Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Slippers and a boring book

Crazy looking slippers and a very interesting book ...


You wouldn't guess, but that slipper is for Nora's little foot. Yes, it's big. It fits me. But I will put it in the washing machine together with its friend (aka the other one) and felt it. I made slippers like these to my sister for Christmas and they were huge before felting. She seems to really like them, as she asked if I could make some for her kids as well :-)

Nora's current slippers are outgrown by far, and through a hole her toe is peaking out. She still wears them.

You hear, I really need to focus on finishing the second one. She choose the colors with me in the yarn shop so there's a great chance she might actually throw away her old ones and use these. I hope they will fit. You never know excatly which size they'll come out as when felting them in the machine.

The book. It's about book-keeping and annual closing. I have a business. It's that time of the year, yes. I wouldn't have read it if I didn't have too. But, it's helpful :-)

Yarn along with Ginny.


  1. I'm curious to see how the slippers looks felted. I've accidentally felted items in the machine before, and yes, they do shrink quite a bit :(
    But since yours will be a "controlled shrinkage" it sounds like a fun and exciting process!!

  2. It's going to be a cute pair of slippers!

  3. Those slippers will be lovely! -- Kathy at

  4. What sweet looking slippers! Now go read something fun! You deserve it!

  5. thank you. i'll show them once they're felted and finished :)
    and yes - now i'll read something fun instead! :D

  6. The slippers are lovely ! Hope you well with the " end of the year" business stuff. It is our tax time here in the US and I dread it every year.

  7. It's not a fun time of the year ... so many numbers, so many papers ... :/

  8. Yes, please show us the slippers when they're done! Thanks for sharing...Lori PS. I LOVE that you admit that you're reading a boring book!


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