Thursday, 21 February 2013

what a newborn needs + needle felting

"Have you prepared everything for the baby?", people ask.

Well, um, no? Or, is there that much to prepare?

The baby will sleep with us in our bed, so no need to prepare a bed. We just have to move our bed to the wall, but that is done in a few minutes.

We have found Nora's old baby car safety seat (I'm sure there's another word for that, but my English isn't that advanced ;-) ) so that we can bring the baby home safely. We have also found Nora's baby clothes and begun to wash them. I have some cloth diapers ready in the bathroom (we will need more, but there's no catastrophy if the baby arrives before the diapers, it is possible to use conventional diapers for a while after all).

Another family borrowed our stroller a year ago and we haven't brought it back home yet, but as I sell baby carriers and wraps we'll get along well until it comes home again.

I can't think of anything else we have to prepare. A newborn baby doesn't need so much.

So I needle felted this for the baby:

ullhjärta1 ullhjärta2 mobil2 mobil


  1. I am much the same. A family member kindly sent us some gift cards to buy what we need for baby, and I'll admit to wandering up and down isles and coming up empty handed. What does one really need for baby? It seems this little one needs nothing at all!

  2. Yes, if keeping the things from older siblings, not much new is needed.


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