Monday, 11 February 2013

Trying something new

It's quite long ago I read about Action Pack the first time, but I checked the page out and really liked the concept. However Nora was so little and I thought it was nothing for us then.

But as this pregnancy goes torwards its end I'm finding myself too tired to come up with ideas, let alone do things that require me to leave my chair. Nora, who is soon five, needs things to do though. Recently I saw the Preschool Compilation Issue and felt that was just what we needed.

IMG_7288 IMG_7289

As most children she loves to play with water and she's also very curious and asks many question. An experiment of some kind would be something for her, I thought, so we begun with oily fireworks. As we were making it we talked about what we were doing and why it behaved as it did. She was really fascinated and the first thing she did the following day when we visited "Open Kindergarden" was to tell about our little "experiment" and how it worked :-)

There are so many more things in this issue that we want to try out. Like the volcano, the pretzel house, making our own butter - just to mention a few. I'll tell you more later about our future adventures in Action Pack Land ;-) (The picture below is a link.)

Get Action Pack - Craft and Creative Activities for Kids 7+

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