Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Self striping yarn and a magazine


I've finished Nora's socks and her slippers. I'll just have to remember to take some pictures, and then I'll show you.The socks on the photo are for me (I think). I very seldom knit things for myself. I wonder why - I seem to be the one who appreciate knitted gifts the most ;-) Nora often likes what I'm knitting, until she's trying it on and exlaims "it's not comfortable!". Anyway, I cast on the red socks last Thursday on the sock knitting class and I'm trying a couple of new things, like making a stronger heel. I like that the yarn is self striping, it makes so fun to knit. "Just one more row", I say.

Except for the last chapter in the Confident Birth book, I'm not reading any book at the moment. However the last issue of Craftseller arrived two days ago. I haven't had time to really sit down and read it, I've only flipped through it a couple of times, but I hope I can read it any day now. Just so many other things and daily chores came in between (and I'm so tired in the evenings, I fall asleep together with Nora before ten pm).

More yarn along with Ginny.


  1. don't you love the self striping sock yarn?? i am using one as well. what is the brand/colorway you are using, i love all that red!

  2. Love the color, there is just something about red socks.

  3. Yes, it's so fun to see what color comes next :D It's Drops Big Fabel ( ).

  4. What yarn did you knit with?? Love it.

  5. Thats realy lovely yarn. :)
    I would like to knit a pair of socks this year. I cast on and done a few rows but never seem to finish them.

  6. It's Drops Big Fabel.

    Anne - I was like that before, until suddenly a couple of months ago I became more focused and since then seem to finish stuff more often than I used to.


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