Sunday, 5 September 2010

Acrylic paint


Nora has her own crayons, pens and pencils, but that doesn't make it less interesting to borrow mom's aquarelle or acrylic paints. Sometimes I let her, but only while I'm next to her (as they aren't "safe" for kids). Also I'm sure she'd use ALL of the paint if I didn't stop her. Except for that there are no rules and I let her mix colors and paint as she likes.


I love her technique of using two brushes, one in each hand. Maybe I should try that too? I can always learn so much from her. Being a child she's not so prejudiced on how to make things. I "know" how to paint, and that might limit me in the creative process. Nora makes things I haven't thought about doing (because I already know how to do it the "correct" way). Letting her use my art material is fun for her, but also worthwile for me as I see my own things in a new way.


She's so concentrated. While painting she's making a funny sound, like an old door slowly opening. Her dad had the same sound when he was a child.

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