Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Swedish childbook - Lena Andersson

Today I want to show you two child books that I (and Nora) love. Lena Andersson is an author/illustrator who's been one of my favourites since I was little. Back in the 80s I read her books about Maja who learns about nature, and another one about a rabbit (but I have forgotten the title). The two books I'll show you today are not more than ten years old, so for me they are "new".


The main charachter is "Kotten", a female hedgehog. I love the sweet illustrations in soft colors and with so many details that appeal to me. Like the red tea cup with white dots on that Kotten is often bringing around her house. She has several friends who comes to visit, and she's friendly and generous. I've read three "Kotten"-books and in all of them she's inviting at least one of her friends to eat with her. (Just my kind of girl ;-) )

Kottens hemlighet (Kotten's secret) is about her being busy all day, not having time for her friends. They realise she has a secret and they hang around outside her house until she's finally ready. Her house is swept, she's made gooseberry compote, and now she'll show them her secret. What it is? Well, Kotten's secret "is wonderful" (as said in the book). It's a little baby.


In the other book a little pig is visiting. She's lost and she doesn't know how to find her mom. Of course Kotten helps her, and Kotten's friend "Pigga Grisen" (another pig) falls in love with the sweet little pig girl. They find her mom who is a confectioner and she rewards Pigga Grisen with 100 buns. Pigga Grisen loves buns, but most of all he loves his new little pig friend.

What makes Lena Anderssons book special is not just the illustrations, but how they interact with the text. She's writing in rhyme and she's really mastering it.

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  1. Hi Maria
    I loved your introduction to these wonderful children's books. We are very fond of stories with pigs in, so I am going to look for this to buy for our new granddaughter Matilda.
    I loved the swedish books with the adventures of Max and his little dachshund when my children were small.
    Ingrid (BYW)

  2. Hej Ingrid, and thank you. Ever since I was little I've loved pigs and the pigs in those books are really cute. I think Matilda will love it too.
    Nora has one book with Max and his dachshund and we've re-read it a thousand of times already. I think I can retell it in my sleep ;-)


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