Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Sweden, september


1. Stockholm, Sweden 060 - Lake Mälaren - Sunset, 2. Falltime in the park, 3. Abandoned wooden House in Swedish Landscape, 4. Nature on fire


  1. Hi Maria,

    I am visiting from BYW class. Ah, you're making me totally homesick for Scandinavia. Every year when fall begins I get homesick for it. I lived in Denmark for a while and loved visits to Sweden & Norway. I haven't been back in 10 years. It's time, it's time.

    Your blog is so beautiful. When I saw it, for a brief moment I thought, Ack, my blog is rubbish. Must fix. :)I love your header, it's lovely. Will definitely follow your blog to get my Scandinavia fix!

  2. Hej :)
    I know that feeling of homesickness. I lived in Iceland for a while and every time I see photos from there I miss it so much.
    I'm glad you like my blog :)


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