Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Nora's drawing book

I guess it's already quite obvious that Nora loves drawing and painting. I want to show you her "drawing book" that I bought in January. Drawing books are such a great way to save drawings in a nice way, I think.

Picnik collage

She's not always using this book when drawing. I guess I pull it out once or twice a month (because we tend to forget it). Sometimes we draw together, sometimes she's drawing alone. The illustrations above are from last winter until this summer, I think. The one down to the left is, according to Nora, me. ;-)


  1. Lovely idea! Nora definitely has an eye for colour! I'm sure she'll love to look back on these.

  2. I need to get a blank book like this for Desana. She is much more interested in drawing her own things than coloring in a coloring book.

  3. Astrid -> Yes, she loves color (at the moment she prefers purple) and I hope to that she'll love those books as she gets older (I'm sure there'll be more than one ...)

    Amy -> It's the same with Nora. I bought her a coloring book, but she wasn't really interested. Maybe as she gets older, maybe not. She loves the blank book :)


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