Friday, 3 September 2010

Lets play, lets cook

kökThe other day I talked with another mom about play kitchens. She said she wanted one for her son, but their flat was too small. I suggested she'd make a table cloth decorated as a play kitchen. That way she could put it on a small table, night stand or some other piece of furniture and use it for playing when her son was in a cooking & baking play mode :) While I was browsing the net for some ideas of how to make one (because I remember seeing it somewhere) I stumbled upon some other great play kitchens. It was really inspiring to see how creative parents there are all over the world!

1. This kitchen is made of two Ikea REST nightstands.

2. A simple yet inspiring kitchen made mostly from things already in the house.

3. A kithcen made mostly from refurbished material.

4. This kitchen is made out of an entertainment center. Read more on this blog.

5. A nightstand play kitchen. Read more here.

Isn't it inspiring? I feel like a flea market hunt for some furniture to give a play kitchen makeover. Right now. Well, we already have a play kitchen - the one I had as a child. It definetely needs a make over. And I surely need the inspiration.

Here are some more links:
Nest Bliss play kitchen
Thea's play kitchen

Do you have a play kitchen? I'd love to see it!

(Here are the photos in original + the photographers, check them out on flickr:
1. play kitchen, 2. play kitchen 040, 3. Play Kitchen , 4. play kitchen, 5. Claire's Nightstand Play Kitchen )

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