Friday, 24 September 2010

Mood board + mei tai

I've been working on a mei tai (mt), this time in recycled fabrics. Inspired by Leslie at a creative mint I tried to capture the mei tai and its colors in this collage (or mood board, if you prefer):

My creation

It was really fun to put it together, and I'm thinking of using the idea, although a bit altered, when presenting a new collection of baby carriers. Not for every single one, though. No matter how fun it is, it'll not be possible if I should also have the time to sew and earn a living ...


Detail of fabric:



  1. This turned out so well! I'm intimidated by the idea of making a mood board, but I guess it could be fun to tackle. Still a little time left until the deadline anyway.
    Your inspiration colors are great!

  2. Thank you! I think one reason it was easy was actually that I choose colors that are not "my" colors at all. When I first thought of making a mood board with my favourite colors I got stuck, but when picking other colors it was much easier.


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