Monday, 6 September 2010

At Ulva craft fair


The first weekend in September is Ulva craft fair. It's a historic and pitoresque place close to Uppsala. Mom and I have been visiting this fair almost every year since we moved to this region nine years ago, but since Nora came I haven't been there (and neither have my mom). This year we finally made it again, and it was a nice surprise as several new crafters attended this year.


There's a woman there every year who makes trolls, gnomes and other creatures out of wool. They are so beutiful and this year was no exepction. I especially love those "vittror" who carries their children on their back:


At one table, though, I saw some decorations that were so ugly that I couldn't imagine anyone at all wanting to buy it. It was small figurines glued on to stones, togethere with glitter and other small items. But then Nora saw them. And she fell in love. Oh, she looked and looked and wanted to touch all of them. You know, there were dog and cats and glittery stones. Can a little child ask for anything more than that? So, well, obviously someone likes it.


I love attending craft fairs. It gives me so much inspiration for my own crafting. I hope I'll have the opportunity to sell there myself one day. Maybe 2012 ;-)

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