Tuesday, 21 September 2010

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I'm still a beginner at sewing baby/toddler clothes, but I like reading blogs on the subject and I'm always so inspired by the pictures and impressed by how many good seamstresses there are out there. From the beginning it seemed quite hard to find fabric of good quality and pretty design (if you didn't want to buy from abroad), but the last two years something has happened and I see fabric with playful patterns at several webshops. I want to show you some of them.

My creation

The designer/illustrator behind the fabrics above is Johanna Ahlard. The three fabrics on the top are sold at Znok, the two down to the left at Mjuka Tyger. The one down to the right, Iris visa, is my favourite. You can find it at Strömming design, which is also an inspiring blog by a talented seamstress. You can see more of Johanna's fabric designs here.

My creation

I think, but I'm not sure, that it was Jenny over at JNYdesign who was the one who begun this wave of fabric designing. Her fabric is of good quality. (In my shelves I've got the fabric to the left, but black on red. I plan to sew something for Nora.) Her patterns with rabbits and those with clouds have become very popular. Check them out at her webshop.

Both Johanna and Jenny are talented illustrators and I love their fabrics, but I must admit I'm looking forward to more illustrators/designers entering this scene, to get a mix of different styles and patterns.

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