Friday, 10 September 2010

Working at home and being a mother


It's been a crazy busy day, still I can't say I know what made it different from other days. Just that it was different. Maybe it began with me oversleaping (and Nora too). I almost never do that, but Nora is a girl with a lot of energy and have never needed as much sleep as many other babies and toddlers do. This week she's fallen asleep later and later and yesterday she fall asleep only 15 minutes before midnight. Normally I try to get up at six in the morning to get some work done, but after a few nights with too little sleep I guess that's the reason I overslept today. And missed my blogging time of the day.

I haven't worked much at all today. We needed some wheat for my new wheat (bag) animals. I'm working on some prototypes and so far they are a success - Nora steals them before I have a chance to fill them with wheat and lavender ;-) Anyway, so we went to buy some wheat. Since the weather was so beautiful - autumny, I would say, even if that's maybe not word? - we spent some hours outside with Zam. I also managed to make some patterns, to cut some fabric, and to make dinner.

The house is a mess and I left too many things unfinished. I'm new to the working at home thing, and to combine that with taking care of a 2,5 year old and make her days meaningful is a difficult thing to learn. It takes time. I hope I'll make it, because it's so worth it.

(The cake above I made yesterday, it's a raw food peach cake that I call "Sunny". I'm not much into raw food, but this week it's been an inspiring challange to try make some raw food desserts. More on that later.)

I'm leaving you with this link, it's some useful tips on easy hand sewing for kids on Sew, Mama, Sew. Have a nice weekend, and see you again on Monday!

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  1. I am sure you are doing the best of it. Your blog is super!
    Can you post a recipe for that raw food cake.


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