Thursday, 2 September 2010

Let your child be the photographer


Now that most of us have digital cameras and it doesn't matter if it gets a little crazy or the photos are not so good (fingers in front of the lens for instance) and you also can directly see the result, there's nothing that prevents that children make photos. I got my first camera when I was seven years old, a simple inherited one, but I was so happy. At that time, of course, there were no digital cameras and I always had to think about the cost of developing the film. I've always thought that everyone has a camera (except very small children), even if it is a simple one. Imagine my surprise when I met my husband and he said he never owned a camera. Never.

I didn't give a camera to Nora and am not going to do it in a long time, but yesterday we went out and photographed, and she had (under my watchful gaze so that she would not drop it) borrowed my little camera. She's made all the images in this post. (And yes, I have chosen the best. There were a bunch of little fingers in the way on some of them too.)

I give instructions ... and she is photographing


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